Wood-fired boiler, heat pump … In which equipment to invest to reduce your heating bill?

FIGARO TOMORROW – As gas and electricity prices soar, Le Figaro ftake stock of the different options.

The prices of gas and electricity are soaring. Since October 1, regulated gas prices have, after having already taken 25% this summer under pressure from world markets. To limit this increase, Jean Castex announced the establishment of a “ tariff shield By blocking gas prices until April. On the electricity side, the price should also know in February. But Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the reduction of a tax which will limit the increase to 4%.

To sustainably reduce your bill, it may be worth purchasing equipment. Despite an investment that can be substantial at the start, they become profitable after a few years:

Acquire a very high energy performance gas boiler

The gas boiler with very high energy performance is suitable for apartments and houses. As its name suggests, it requires a gas connection. Its acquisition cost is between 4,000 and 5,000 euros, but with the help of Ma prime renov ‘, which makes it possible to finance energy renovation work and expenditure as well as Energy Saving Certificates (CEE), this cost can be reduced. “ The remainder of the charge may ultimately vary between 1,500 and 3,300 euros because these two aids are indexed according to income. Switching from an old boiler to a THPE allows consumption savings of around 30% and pays for itself after about five years», According to Audrey Zermati, strategy director of Effy, specialist in energy renovation.

It should be noted that between ordering and installing the new boiler, it takes between one and two months. “ It is better to order today because the closer we get to winter, the more installers will be stormed. She warns.

The very high energy performance gas boiler requires a gas connection. Crédit: Effy

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Opt for the heat pump

Because it requires the installation of a very large outdoor unit, is especially conceivable for houses with an exterior. It is a renewable energy thermodynamic heating equipment. It takes calories from a renewable source such as outside air to transfer it at a higher temperature to another environment (a building, a room, a home, etc.). Its cost varies between 10,500 and 12,500 euros but with the Ma prime renov ‘aid and the Energy Saving Certificates, the remainder to be charged can range from 2,100 euros to 10,000 euros depending on the household income.

« Switching from an old boiler to a heat pump saves 50% on your bill. The investment pays off from five years to six years », Affirms Audrey Zermati d’Effy. One to two months are also necessary from the purchase to the installation of this equipment. “It is an investment but we consider that it is the right moment to make it thanks to state aid. Demand has been accelerating for a few weeks», She describes. Note that, most of the time, you will need to have additional heating, most often electric, which will take over from your pump in extreme situations.

The PAC is a thermodynamic heating equipment using renewable energy. Credit: DR

Invest in a wood-fired boiler

Most of the time, the acquisition of a wood-fired boiler is accompanied by the creation of a chimney flue, which is especially possible in homes. It appears relatively difficult to create one in a building. costs between 7,000 and 20,000 euros and is especially suitable for houses or as a collective heating system for several apartments. Aid can go up to 14,000 euros, depending on income. The wood that feeds it is now much cheaper than other energy sources such as gas or electricity. Wood pellets are worth around 7 cents / kWh compared to around 16 cents / kWh for electricity.

« In 2020, 15,000 wood-fired boilers were sold. In 2021, it is double. The wood-fired boiler pays for itself in less than five years, except for the wealthiest households who will not benefit much from state aid “, Highlights Eric Vial, director of Propellet, national association of pellet heating. As with other equipment, it takes between one and two months for its installation.

A wood-fired boiler costs between 7,000 and 20,000 euros Credit: Shutterstock

Using a wood stove

Usable in apartment as in house, the wood stove can represent your main heating equipment provided that your home is well insulated. Otherwise, additional equipment will be necessary. costs between 2000 and 6000 euros but the cumulative aid can reach up to 3000 euros for the most modest households. The stove can be connected to pipes distributed throughout the house, which allow hot air to be transported to other rooms. “ However, it only has two or three days of battery life. The stove must then be refilled with logs or wood pellets. Eric Vial de Propellet explains.


As a reminder, wood pellets are worth around 7 cents / kWh and log wood reaches 4 cents, but you still need to be able to store it. “ In 2021, we expect the sale of 200,000 stoves against 127,000 in 2020. The wood stove is also profitable in less than five years », Claims Eric Vial who wishes to emphasize that the wood used for the pellets does not require the cutting of trees specifically to make them.

Usable in apartment as in house, the wood stove costs between 2000 and 6000 euros. Credit: DR

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