Tunisia, absenteeism, taxis: the eco recap of the day

LE SCAN ECO – Did you not have time to look at the economic news this Friday? Le Figaro summarizes the main topics of the day for you.

• Attack in Tunisia: another hard blow for tourism. Tourists had already fled the country after the attack on the Bardo museum last March. The new attack which hit a tourist hotel in Sousse this Friday further compromises the recovery of this sector and, therefore, of the overall Tunisian economy.

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• Territorial agents not very assiduous at work. Last year, 54 sick leaves per 100 agents were counted in the local communities. A figure which starts to rise again due to the abolition of the waiting day in the public service and the aging of agents.

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• End of the taxi drivers’ strike. Most taxi drivers angry with UberPOP have returned to work, the day after a day of mobilization punctuated by violence at the end of which François Hollande and the government reaffirmed.

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Donors offer Greece 15.5 billion euros in credits and a five-month extension of the rescue plan, provided the country complies with an agreement so far remained elusive on its budgetary recovery and on the reforms deemed necessary,

. Attracted by the possible reopening of a market of 80 million inhabitants, companies, including Peugeot-Citroën, are flocking to Tehran. (find the full article in our Le Figaro Premium subscriber service).

Farms, cows but above all advantageous tax laws. Pointed out by many organizations, the second smallest state in the United States is still cringe as reforms date ahead.

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• The statement of the day:. Two and a half years after his decision to close the blast furnaces at the Lorraine site, which had caused a political crisis, the CEO of ArcelorMittal affirms that his “relations with the government are not good, they are excellent”. Find the entire interview in our Le Figaro Premium subscriber service.

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• The number of the day: More than one in four executives (28%) changed jobs in 2014, according to Apec statistics, against 24% in 2013. They remain cautious, however, since external mobility only affected 7% of collar workers. white, according to Apec.

• The decision maker of the day: . This 46-year-old Essec, who became CEO and shareholder of Vuarnet, is relaunching the brand taken over eighteen months ago by the Neo Capital fund.

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