The CGT wants an amnesty law for the break-up unionists

THE ECO SCAN – Philippe Martinez, like all his predecessors, is putting pressure on the government to pass a text that would erase the reprehensible acts carried out by employees and trade unionists. A previous attempt had failed in 2013. But with the approach of the presidential election, nothing is less certain…

The technique is known and this is not the first time that, to revive itself and especially unite its somewhat crestfallen troops, the coup of union discrimination… “The CGT notes a surge in union discrimination in business”, s ‘carried this Tuesday morning, its general secretary, in a .And the boss of the first central trade union in France, campaigning for its confirmation in less than a year at the Marseille congress (April 18-22), to push the nail: “The employers hardened under the impetus of Pierre Gattaz and the government gives its backing. The General Directorate of Labor treats our appeals over the knee and cities such as Toulouse, Nice or Châteauroux question our access to the labor markets (…). We want an amnesty law with a trade union component ”.

“It’s a fact, there is a differentiated treatment of social movements. The CGT notes an increase in trade union discrimination in companies ”

Philippe Martinez, CGT

Whenever a conflict breaks out in a company or the CGT takes a tin for elections in one of its strongholds, the refrain is always the same and the culprit, always designated: the boss who puts pressure on the employees , seeks to oust the Cégétistes representatives and to muzzle the working world. In one in 2009 for his ten years in office, made exactly the same speech. “The fear remains the main obstacle to an employee who thinks of unionizing !, then explained the former number one of the CGT. You never blame a doctor, a lawyer or a company for joining a union, but you don’t admit it from an employee. Union discrimination is an objective obstacle ”. And we could go further back in history to find similar words from these predecessors …

Even Thierry Lepaon, meteorite boss of the CGT between 2013 and 2014, had gone there with his little verse against the judgments pronounced against the activists of his central by the justice. For him, it was neither more nor less than “political decisions”. He did not disavow in January 2014 the Cégétiste leaders who had sequestered the leaders of Goodyear in Amiens for 36 hours: “It is not in our usual practices, but it can happen. These are acts of desperation ”, he had then justified, calling again and again for an amnesty law.

, carried by the elected Communists, was however voted in 2013 in the Senate to make it possible to whitewash certain reprehensible acts of militants and union delegates. “During the previous government period [présidence Sarkozy], the violence of social relations has increased, layoff plans have multiplied causing for employees real traumas which they have not always been able to face, justified the CGT at the time. In these situations, trade unionists find themselves in the front line of the defense of all the employees who mandate them. ”

“We want an amnesty law with a trade union component”

Philippe Martinez, CGT

This text, which was not supported by the government, was quickly regarded as “an encouragement to acts of violence” and therefore rejected by the Assembly. Much to the chagrin of the Montreuil power station, which saw it rather as “an aid to social dialogue”, and not “an incitement to the criminalization of union action”, and stigmatized the betrayal of the socialist government.

Philippe Martinez is therefore back today. He will meet at the end of September to talk to him about a possible amnesty law. There is nothing to say today whether the Minister of Justice will respond positively to the request of the boss of the CGT. But given the atmosphere and the need to redeem a virginity vis-à-vis the trade union world, the temptation could be strong for the President of the Republic to accede to it …