Taxis, Greece, RSI: the eco recap of the day

THE ECO SCAN – Didn’t you have time to look at the economic news this Thursday? Le Figaro summarizes the main topics of the day for you.

• Taxi drivers are mobilized throughout France against UberPOP

Blockages of stations and airports, police taken to task, transport cars with driver (VTC) undermined: nearly 3,000 angry taxis demonstrated this Thursday against the “wild competition” of the UberPOP mobile application , creating significant disturbances and sometimes violent clashes.

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• The standoff continues between Greece and the Eurogroup

The Eurogroup was suspended on a finding of disagreement last night. Uncertainty remains over an agreement that would allow Athens to settle a deadline of 1.6 billion at the IMF and avoid a default on July 1. This showdown could be extended until the last hour, that is to say until June 30.

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• The government launches measures to improve the ROI

While the dysfunctions of the social protection system for the self-employed (RSI) still crystallize anger, Marisol Touraine (Health), Christian Eckert (Budget) and Martine Painville (Crafts) launched this Thursday morning 20 measures to improve the quality of service.

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The CEO of Bouygues explains at Figaro the reasons for its refusal to sell its telecom subsidiary to Numericable-SFR, denouncing an attempt to destabilize its competitors.

According to a report by the Institut de l’Entreprise, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom have raised the bar thanks to large-scale adjustment measures which France is now expected to take. ‘Inspire. In addition, you can also read this article:

The Swedish furniture giant is setting up this service with the VTC operator between Paris and three Ile-de-France stores from 49 euros round trip. He targets in particular the female clientele of which he wants to facilitate the movements.

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• The decision maker of the day, to read on: before Brazil. The budget hotel chain B & B Hôtels, which has 330 hotels, including 230 in France, is opening four establishments in Spain and creating a subsidiary in Brazil.

• The video of the day : . The automobile brand, a subsidiary of Toyota, unveils the “Slide”, a board that levitates thanks to superconduction.

• Images of the day :. The Internet has changed the way we work. To respond to this revolution, Nextdoor, the Bouygues real estate subsidiary, is inventing cheerful and collaborative workspaces in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

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• Infographic of the day: While no major work has been carried out for 60 years, the London royal residence is so dilapidated that it may have to be evacuated. Before leading a titanic renovation project.