More and more incivility in the Family Allowance Funds

To cope with the increase in violence on the part of beneficiaries, the Cnaf will launch its first national campaign against incivility on December 13.

Since 2015, the censuses carried out by and the Union of National Social Security Funds have revealed an increase in incivility in the reception centers. Impatience, attacks or insults are all signs that users are on edge in the face of precariousness and in the face of changes in the rules for calculating allowances.

For the first time this year, the number of incivilities taking place in the various family allowance funds was recorded across the country. Result: the phenomenon has amplified with 4,567 acts reported by CAF agents between January and November 2016, revealed this morning. More than 51% of the reported cases concern verbal violence, 35% incivility, 7% psychological violence, 4% physical violence, and 3% violence against property. For cases of violence, the Cnaf automatically lodges a complaint. These brutalities can be punished criminally by a fine of up to 15,000 euros fine and one year in prison.

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“This morning, the security guard distributed more than 40 tickets from 10 am. During a rotation of eight beneficiaries, a pregnant woman asked for priority entry. The security guard explained to him that it was impossible. Her husband then intervened. He threw the security guard against the fence. Some beneficiaries came to help him. Others took advantage of the confusion to enter our premises. Some beneficiaries sided with the abusive husband while others formed a chain to protect the reception agents. We had to call the authorities ”, we can read in the testimony of an agent who went back to the management of the Cnaf.

Posters, t-shirts: messages of appeasement

One of the two campaign slogans

In detail, around 60% of incidents occurred at Caf headquarters, 34% in a branch, less than 6% at reception lines. Almost 2% of these reports concern incidents that occurred in the homes of beneficiaries.

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Faced with this situation deemed “worrying”, the Cnaf has decided to react and launch its first national campaign against incivility on December 13. Called “relax to get along better”, it revolves around two slogans: “Whoever remains polite is welcome” and “Who launches verbal threats risks criminal sanctions”. These slogans will be visible in all reception centers on posters, markings on the ground and on t-shirts worn by officers, lined with anti-incivility badges.