In Montpellier, sport cultivates family spirit

An innovative club for parents and children has sprung up on the outskirts of the city. A rich idea for those who would like to resume an indoor activity supervised by qualified coaches without neglecting their offspring.

Davina and Véronique had revolutionized Gym Tonic in France in the 80s, by making it accessible to as many people as possible, thanks to their television show with heady credits. Daniel and Virginie may have found, for their part, the martingale by opening in Castelnau-Le-Lez (Hérault), on the outskirts of Montpellier, barely a month ago, a first club, which promises to reconcile indoor sport and family life.

Daniel Olive and Virginie Canhi have atypical profiles: he, 46, an engineer by training, crazy about cycling – he travels up to 300 kilometers in one go! -, passed by a large group of the CAC40; she, a graduate in social economy and a former business executive. Virginie was faced with the problem of being able to pursue her passion for sport while keeping her young daughter. It was during these years that she imagined an innovative concept of “fun-sports club dedicated to the family”, from 10 months to adulthood.

For those who feel excluded from fitness clubs

“We started from very simple questions: what can help, for example, parents to get back to sport?”, Adds his companion, Daniel Olive, who co-manages the establishment. Another question to which the couple wanted to answer: “How to satisfy the need to move of fathers and mothers who feel excluded by all these fitness clubs which communicate without nuance on the perfection of the body?”

Thus was born Fit Family. Not that this club is the first to turn to the family. The “baby gym” is already practiced elsewhere. Décathlon, in Lille, offers children’s lessons inside a classic gym. “These concepts are not as developed as ours, estimate the co-managers of Fit Family. We have as many courses for children as for adults, but also many awakening gym – daycare slots. We offer all configurations, including those that combine generations in specific parent-child workshops, with qualified coaches. ”

Beyond sport, the Montpellier structure also offers creative workshops such as circus, physical and theatrical expression, as well as tales and songs. All the sports and recreational activities are spread over different suitable rooms on a 600 m2 complex.

At the time of alternating guards and blended families

No need to look for a babysitter, anyway, when you want to burn off a little. And what a pleasure to see your offspring awaken by taking care of yourself. In this world where adults live more and more at the rate of alternating custody and blended families, the idea has a future.

It is also transposed to other activities. Recently, all over France are popping up new types of restaurants where children are welcome. The “kids friendly” spirit is developing, with reputable brands that no longer hesitate to provide parent animators and nannies for the children who accompany them.

In Paris, even the very trendy Buddah Bar or the Polpo, in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), are there, at the time of Sunday brunch. Internet sites and labels are there to guide the interested public, like or In the sport as in its plate, the family definitely has good!

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