Happy, the coffee that gives a chance to be different

FIGARO DEMAIN – After Rennes, Joyeux opened its doors near the Paris Opera. With the aim of integrating disabled people into the world of work.

Chez Joyeux, a café that opened in the heart of the Opéra district in Paris, the waiters are different: they wear mismatched shoes. But Jeanne, Abou and their 18 other colleagues are also mentally handicapped, Down’s syndrome or autistic. Their pride? Become workers like everyone else, outside of specialized systems. This is the goal of Yann Bucaille-Lanrezac, at the origin of the SARL Graine de Moutarde which gave birth to Joyeux.

At the head of an international plastics trading company, Émeraude International, Yann Bucaille-Lanrezac already employs more than 150 people. From 2010, anxious to put himself at the service of others, he created with his wife Émeraude Solidaire. This endowment fund finances NGOs and associations, in particular Émeraude Voile Solidaire. Also carried by the couple of Breton origin, it organizes sea trips for people in difficulty (long-term illness, exclusion, isolation, handicap, etc.). “By dint of …