Greece, growth, Samaritan woman: today’s eco recap

LE SCAN ECO – Did you not have time to look at the economic news this Friday? Le Figaro summarizes the main topics of the day for you.

• Greece, more than ever mired in the crisis

Faced with the stagnation of the crisis, the Greeks are worried and have withdrawn 3 billion euros from their accounts since the beginning of the week, a record. The European Central Bank (ECB) is discussing urgent solutions to avoid the closure of Greek banks.

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• French growth is regaining color

INSEE estimates that in 2015, it should climb to 1.2%. This would be the largest increase since 2011. The unemployment rate could then stabilize at 10.4% in mid-2015.

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• La Samaritaine finally revamped

The Council of State has given the green light to the start of the renovation project of the former Parisian department store. The total cost of the works is estimated at 460 million euros.

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But also

• .According to a study by the Austrian economic research institute Wifo, more than 2 million jobs and around 100 billion euros in wealth produced are at risk, in the worst case scenario.

• The Canfin report, which has just been given to François Hollande, offers a price of between 15 and 60 dollars per tonne. This is one of the many avenues mentioned for the financing of a carbon-free global economy.

• Retail and craft sales rose 0.8% in volume last year as consumers regained a taste for shopping. Their turnover, on the other hand, contracted slightly due to the fall in prices.

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And as a bonus

• The fad of the day: A Spanish woman, after having been declared owner of the sun, had the idea of ​​selling plots of it on eBay. Blocked by the e-commerce site, she has just lodged a complaint.

The social network of the day: With the defense of privacy as a guideline, he hopes to restore the user to the dominant position on the social network.

Today’s resolution: A study by the very serious Harvard Business Review shows that employees who exhaust all their vacation stock are more likely to be increased by their boss.

The decision maker of the day: Jean-Luc Vergne

Soon to be 67 years old, the former HR Director of PSA Peugeot Citroën and BPCE will head the BGE business creation and support network, behind the launch of 17,100 businesses in 2014.

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Jean-Luc Vergne