Employer groups: enhanced attractiveness

The new device of the El Khomri law is to be published in the Official Journal on Wednesday. Employer groups will now be able to benefit from employment aid.

The implementing decrees of the El Khomri law, promulgated on August 9, continue to be made public. After the texts specifying the terms of the new devices on working time or, that on employers’ groups must be published this Wednesday in the Official Journal. He refers to article 40 of the law passed in the spring by the Minister of Labor, according to which “a group of employers is eligible for public aid in the field of employment and vocational training from which its member companies would have benefited if they had directly hired the people made available to them ”.

40,000 people are now hired by employer groups, still mostly in the agricultural sector

The employer group system, which is very little known and used, was created in 1985 to promote the development of employment in a specific territory. It was initially dedicated to agriculture, a sector where farmers have always informal sharing of staff and tools. 40,000 people are now hired …