Emmanuel Macron also has a suit cut by Laurent Berger

THE ECO SCAN – After François Rebsamen on Wednesday, the secretary general of the CFDT reminded the Minister of the Economy on Thursday to mind his own business and to stop walking on the beds of his comrade from Labor.

Full box. In two days, the young and talented drew the wrath of two eminent representatives of the social sphere in France after his interview, Wednesday, in The echoes. An interview in which the Minister of the Economy had the boldness to assert that the government should “continue to fundamentally reform the labor market”.

After Wednesday, which essentially asked him to stop walking on his flowerbeds – “Work, it’s me, he takes care of the economy,” had hammered the Minister of Labor on. He has the right to express himself, but it is I who take care of these subjects “-, it is which violently returned Thursday in his 22.” I have had enough that the questions which relate at work and employment are handled by Mr. Macron, ”replied the very bloody, and no less young and talented too, boss of the CFDT, on BFM Business.

“I’m tired of the work and employment issues being dealt with by Mr. Macron. Economism at all costs on all social issues is dangerous “

Laurent Berger

And for those who did not understand, starting with the person himself, Laurent Berger developed his thinking. Obviously very upset, he took the opportunity to cut a suit in due form – some would say he even dressed it for the winter – to the Minister of the Economy. “Mr. Macron is Minister of É-co-no-mie, the social is the situation of the people, he insisted. Economism at all costs on all social issues is dangerous. The development of employment and work, there is first the necessary social dialogue, then there is a ministry to deal with them ”. He then replied, not without irony, to a pique sent from the Minister of the Economy who considers that “if the current political game allowed the country to move forward, we would have seen it for a long time”. I quote Laurent Berger: “If France could move through the action of a minister in terms of communication, that would also be known!”.

“If France could move through the action of a minister in terms of communication, that would also be known! “

Laurent Berger

The boss (reformist) of the did not stop there. On the subject of the debate on a reform of the Labor Code, relaunched by the release of the controversial book by the former PS Minister of Justice by François Mitterrand, Robert Badinter, and the eminent law professor Antoine Lyon-Caen, Laurent Berger specifically attacked Emmanuel Macron (and also Pierre Gattaz, the president of Medef) in somewhat irreverent terms. “Debating on whether more pages are needed in the employment contract or less is a sterile debate and a lazy debate”, recalling that it was out of the question according to him to lower the guarantees to which employees are entitled in France.

Why so much hatred against the Minister of the Economy, one would be tempted to ask. In fact, Emmanuel Macron is paying the “warmonger” side of his prime minister on his “Growth and activity” law which passed the course of its 2nd reading in the Assembly on Thursday thanks to the rejection of the motion of censorship against the government following the government’s use of article 49-3. Laurent Berger is opposed to two provisions which were added to Emmanuel Macron’s text and which were not discussed with the social partners, and in the first place with him: the capping of labor compensation in the event of unfair dismissal and the new provisions on the unchecked extension of Sunday work in small businesses. Amendments qualified as “unbearable” by the trade unionist. He lambasted the current “cartoonish debate” where “we must choose between the status quo or generalized deregulation.” According to him, “there is another way: that of social dialogue”.

“Debating whether to have more pages in the employment contract or less is a sterile debate and a lazy debate”

Laurent Berger

Visiting the Planète PME show, where he confirmed that the CICE would be transformed into a reduction of charges in 2017, Emmanuel Macron replied to Laurent Berger. First, he does not deal with “work, it is François Rebsamen who takes care of work”, not without specifying that “it is normal when we deal with the economy to look at everything that constitutes economic life and it is also the day-to-day operation of the company ”. Second, he recalled that the measures of his law denounced by the leader of the CFDT “were arbitrated by the Prime Minister and carried by François Rebsamen” and himself. “A government is a collective, I am part of a collective”, he concluded, as if to say “it’s not me, it’s the others” too …