Banks, referendums and stock markets: the special Greece eco recap

SCAN ECO – Didn’t you have time to look at the economic news on Monday? Greece has been at the heart of all the questions. Le Figaro gives you an update on what there is to know on the subject.

• Understand everything about Greece in one article

Greece has implemented capital controls and is holding a referendum on Sunday. The world of finance is worried, the major European leaders are reacting, the euro is once again in the midst of an existential crisis … Detailed update on this Greek issue.

• What will the Greeks be consulted about?

The European Commission posted online this weekend the latest reform proposals made to Greece by its creditors, in exchange for liquidity. A plan however unfinished, the negotiations having been broken by the announcement of Alexis Tsipras to organize a referendum.

• European stock markets panic

The fate of Greece, which could find itself ejected from the euro zone and which adopted capital controls to prevent the collapse of its financial sector, plunged Europe into financial turmoil on Monday.

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• The Lisbon Treaty provides a way out for Member States wishing to leave the club of 28. But abandoning the European currency is more complex. Le Figaro explains everything to you.

• For economist Marc Touati, the current Greek tragedy proves that extreme powers lead to bankruptcy. According to him, the Greeks had made a lot of efforts and “everything was ruined”.

• .William Hill has suspended his bets on Greece leaving the euro zone due to the influx of bets on this option. But at Ladbrokes, we are betting on a favorable vote in Sunday’s referendum.

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•: why is the Greek debt a real problem for Europe?

•: you are going to Greece this summer, the precautions to be taken. More than 1.6 million French tourists are expected in Greece this summer. The government of Alexis Tsipras is doing everything to ensure that the crisis does not have an impact on tourism, the country’s main source of income.

•: who owns the 312 billion euros of Greek debt?