An emergency nurse awarded by the Lépine competition

FIGARO DEMAIN – The 117th Lépine competition rewarded Monday evening the “MedPack”, an extra-hospital medical workstation developed by Samuel Mercier, an emergency nurse at the Paris Fire Department, and already spotted by the Army Health Service.

It is by dint of intervening on a daily basis in the field, realizing how much hygiene could pose a problem that Samuel Mercier designed, after six years, his prototype. “It had been a century since we had not changed, with unchanged working conditions” for health personnel intervening in difficult situations, explained the nurse on Thursday. Thus, when the nursing staff arrives at an accident or attack site, “they discover their care environment and often it is not suitable, even unhealthy: there is no lighting, no plan. work, etc. ” Not to mention that if you have to transfuse the patient, you have to rely on a colleague to hold the infusion, that the products and other syringes are placed on the floor and then thrown on the floor …

Samuel Mercier, emergency nurse at the Paris Fire Department, poses next to his invention. GERARD JULIEN / AFP

Drawing on his experience, Samuel Mercier has therefore designed a compact workstation, weighing 7 kg and transportable on the shoulder, which unfolds in three seconds. Once stabilized on its tripod, the “MedPack” becomes a “furnished workspace”: bins for selective sorting of waste, telescopic transfusion stand, bulb illuminating the accident area, integrated intubation tray, secure mini-pharmacy and even possibility of hanging an umbrella!

About fifty have already been manufactured and are used by firefighters, as well as by CHUs in Switzerland and Belgium. It will soon be deployed in Lebanon with the French military. “Other uses in difficult areas are possible: during interventions in the mountains, in the countryside by veterinarians or even in retirement homes by liberal nurses”, according to Samuel Mercier.

250 prizes awarded on Monday

Thanks to this invention, the emergency nurse obtained the most prestigious award in the Lépine competition, the President of the Republic’s prize, in the form of a Sèvres porcelain vase.

The Senate Grand Prix, for its part, rewarded Jacques Pitoux, Pierrick Duret, Cédric Cautar and Patrick Dulong, for their intervention drone for firefighting, which makes it possible to monitor and prevent possible outbreaks of fire. Finally, the National Assembly prize was awarded to Benoît Mirambeau, for his “Diabilive” application for people with diabetes. Some 250 prizes were awarded on Monday evening, rewarding some of the 583 inventions presented this year.

First dominated by toys, then inventions relating to the automobile or kitchen accessories, the Lépine competition has in recent years highlighted inventions related to digital technologies, the environment and health.

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