A cashier files a complaint against Auchan after a miscarriage

On November 22, an employee of the Auchan store in Tourcoing suffered a miscarriage at her workplace. Believing that his management had shown a “lack of consideration” towards him, the young woman decided to sue her employer before the Lille prosecutor’s office.

A complaint against X for “non-assistance to a person in danger” and “endangering the life of others” was filed Tuesday by the cashier of Auchan City in Tourcoing (North) who had a miscarriage on her. workplace, AFP learned from his lawyer. “The endangerment could have been avoided by the medical examination provided for by law, which was not carried out, even after the announcement of her pregnancy”, denounces his lawyer Me Ioannis Kappopoulous, specifying that his client as well as the CGT became civil parties. The complaint was lodged with the Lille prosecutor’s office.

The tragic episode had aroused great emotion, especially among the political class. “All the responsibilities will have to be rigorously established so that such a situation, which has legitimately moved, cannot occur again”: The Minister of Labor asked Friday, December 30 in that “all the light” be made. The day before, had denounced on “the mark of a dehumanized society, where the human being has become an adjustment variable”. As for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he had estimated, during a meeting on Sunday January 8, that this accident was due to the “contempt” of those responsible for the young cashier.

A cashier from an Auchan City supermarket in Tourcoing had indeed asked the Company’s Health and Safety Committee (CHSCT) to initiate an investigation after her miscarriage at her workplace. The labor inspectorate caused an exceptional meeting of the establishment’s CHSCT.

Prevented from taking regular breaks

The 23-year-old young woman began a 6-month fund professionalization contract at Auchan City in Tourcoing in November 2016. After discomfort and sick leave, she learned of her pregnancy. “When La told her manager that she was pregnant, the change was ignored. On several occasions, she had expressed herself to her officials about pain, but no one reacted, ”said Habib Hamdoud, CGT union representative, during a press conference at the Union locale de Tourcoing.

On November 22, the young woman felt “violent pains” in her stomach. “I warned my managers, I asked several times to go to the bathroom, but no one allowed me,” she says. Later, the young woman found that her seat was covered in blood. The security manager accompanied her to the bathroom and notified the fire department. “It was too late. A firefighter went to look for the fetus in the bowl and informed me of the loss of my baby, ”the employee, currently on sick leave, told AFP.

Samuel Meegens, general secretary of the local branch of the union, describes a bad atmosphere in this Auchan City. “This story is an opportunity to show management’s total contempt for their employees,” he explains.

“An instrumentalisation by the trade unions”

City management responded on Twitter and in a statement. She expresses “her sadness and regrets the unfortunate sequence of events”. Also, she “is indignant at the instrumentalisation of the facts”. Auchan defended itself from any fault ensuring that “as soon as its hierarchy was informed of the problem encountered by the hostess, she alerted the emergency services and the hostess was taken care of quickly”, moreover the sign indicates that “the employee did not request a break”. According to François Cathalifaud, spokesperson for the Auchan group, it would be an “instrumentalisation” of this event “by the trade unions”.

“In this case, it will be necessary, first of all, for the young woman to prove the causal link between her state of health and her working conditions, but also that the employer was indeed aware”, explains Me Eva Touboule, lawyer in social law. “If she has not warned the employer, he cannot be blamed.” In all cases, it is the (CPAM) which will decide whether or not the miscarriage is considered as a work accident. Then, both the employer and the employee can challenge the decision of the CPAM. Compensation will be provided by the CPAM and without consequence for the employer.

Last July, after a cash error of 85 cents at Auchan City in Tourcoing.