A case of dengue fever detected in the Var

Identified in the town of Solliès-Pont, the person contracted the disease on national territory. This is the second indigenous case in the department since the start of the year.

This Friday, August 13, the Regional Health Agency informs that a case “native»Of dengue fever was detected in Solliès-Pont, in the Var. The person contracted the disease on national territory and was not returning from a territory where dengue is circulating.

The ARS recalls that “dengue is transmitted from person to person through the bite of a mosquito infected with the dengue virus (tiger mosquito in metropolitan France)».

Eradication and information campaigns

To avoid the spread, the neighborhood of the infected person was mosquito control for “eliminate adult mosquitoes (…) and suppress breeding sites», With the support of the Interdepartmental Agreement for Mosquito Control of the Mediterranean Coast (EID-Med) which operates on public roads and in private gardens. Lastly, the neighborhood population was notified via a door-to-door information campaign.

Several teams from the ARS, from the Regional Public Health Unit in France are currently carrying out an investigation among the neighborhood of the affected person to find possible contact cases. “People who present or have presented symptoms of the disease in the previous days are invited to report»To the ARS or to his attending physician.

As a reminder, the symptoms of dengue are a high fever over 38.5 ° and one of the following signs: muscle or joint pain, eye pain, fatigue, headache.

The public is invited to protect themselves from mosquito bites and to eliminate all sources of stagnant water around the home, places of proliferation of the insect. To protect yourself, you can wear covering and loose clothing, use a repellent, mosquito nets or electric diffusers.